The Different Faces of Dispossession

Our Lands, Our Rights
Native and Indigenous peoples of the state of Chiapas, Mexico speak out against the Different Faces of Dispossession they experience on a daily basis.
Native Peoples and their territories ARE AT CONSTANT RISK due to forced internal displacement and infrastructure projects that put their community, lives, and their identities as peoples at risk.
They organize to exercise their collective and individual rights through the right to justice and the collective defense of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
The Different Faces of Dispossession are stories and events from native and indigenous communities that are fighting for justice and against impunity. It also identifies and makes visible those responsible for human rights violations in order to demand that the Mexican state comply with its human rights obligations.

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The different faces of dispossession

Viejo Velasco
In 2006, 36 persons were displaced. 4 were executed extralegally, 4 suffered forced disappearance.

In 2011, the “partidistas” expelled 13 persons, 7 were injured and one suffered forced disappearance.
San Marcos Avilés
The zapatistas live without access to their farmlands since 2010 and suffer harassment.
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