Laminate Floor Installation Tips And Tricks

When it comes to choosing what type of flooring you have in your room there are many different options.  Some people prefer the soft feeling of carpet while others want a sturdy tile.  One of the more common options will be laminate flooring.  When laying your laminate floor, you will want to take a few tips and tricks into consideration.

laminate flooring

Taper the floor

Not all rooms will be perfectly square or even.  When this happens, you will want to use a flooring material that won’t show any imperfections as it is installed, or you will want to taper your floor.  When tapering your floor, you want to look at the last piece of laminin that you will install.  If you find that it will be cut too short or will have an odd length, consider splitting the difference and doing the same thing to the first piece that is on the other end of the rom.  If you do this, your floors will look uniform.

Start with a prepped and smooth subfloor

Before you start to lay your flooring, it is important that you prep it first.  When laying this type of flooring it is important that you have as smooth and clean a floor as possible.  If you have any dust or other imperfections in the floor it will show through and could ultimately poke itself through the floor causing damage and the need to replace the floor.

Where to start your installation

When it comes to installing the flooring, you want to start where you have doors.  This sounds odd, but doors and other areas similar to this will cause you a lot of headache during the installation process.  This is why you want to start at these doorways and get it setup first.  From there the process will go much quicker and efficiently.